Geotechnical (Soils) and Engineering Geology Reports


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Hacienda Road

La Habra Heights, Los Angeles County, California

Link to Full Report

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Round Valley Woods Subdivision

Greenville, California

Preliminary Geotechnical Report

Supplemental Geotechnical Report



Radio Hill Communications Tower

Quincy, California

Radio Hill Communications Tower – Geotechnical Report



Rocky Point Borrow Site

Near Portola, Plumas County, California

Rocky Point Borrow Site

Rocky Point Borrow Site 3D Surface Model


Rocky Point Borrow Site – Geotechnical and Engineering Geology Report

Rocky Point Borrow Site – Engineering Geology Map


Lower and upper benches with prominent dike near outside end of lower bench slope

Lower bench (foreground) and upper bench beyond with wide vertical near left edge of photo

Lower bench slope with vertical dike

My field assistant

Upper slope face below Caltrans Right of Way

Plumose structure indicating tension failure for joint genesis and the propagation direction of tensile failure

Rockmass exposure below borrow site on Rocky Point Road. Plumose structures are apparent on joint faces.

Plumose structures and hackles on tension joint surfaces

Secondary minerals (pyrite) formed in jointed andesite

Pyrite on rock surface

Geotechnical Report for New Embankment and Structure

Near Quincy, Plumas County, California

Geotechnical Report for Embankment and Structure